It is vital for businesses to be able to rely on the expertise of their accounting firm throughout their entire business lifecycle – from inception through early stage development, growth and exit strategy. This same lifecycle is mirrored in many ways with individuals, as families grow and their wealth and goals evolve.

1. Sales & Use Tax: The national landscape of today’s Sales and Use / Operational Tax environment is rapidly changing. Jurisdictions are leveraging transaction tax increases to patch revenue gaps in their current budgets through policy changes and an increase in audit activities. Furthermore, local municipalities are focusing on property tax and business licenses to gain greater access to constituent revenue.

2. SALT (State & Local Tax): For many companies, state and local taxes present more complex and daunting challenges than federal tax matters. And like federal tax laws, state and local tax laws change frequently. I will work diligently to help my clients stay on top of state and local tax changes. I will provide state and local tax compliance services and can help with sales and use taxes, property taxes, tax credits and more.

3. Transaction Tax nexus review: Determining where your company should be registered and filing

4. Audit Defense: Assistance with the development of the appropriate posture and strategy for state and local audit defense

I always work with your best interests in mind, with a goal of minimizing your tax burden and offering proactive business advice.